MEET MARK (Owner/Operator)

I received my B.S. in RTF and M.F.A. in Acting from The University of Texas at Austin. This training and education gave me an eye for aesthetics and performance with the fluidity to bounce back and forth between the two spheres. As a director and actor, I understand the rigors of the profession and respect the day to day difficulties you face as an artist. I have so much respect for you. This isn't my first rodeo; I taught acting at the University of Texas and continue to teach workshops throughout the country. As a director, my superpower is helping actors develop a strong range of choices for auditions while maintaining the focus and fun of acting. In a previous life, I worked in casting as an assistant to the immensely talented Vicky Boone (Tree of Life, Hellion, Ain't Them Bodies Saints), so I understand firsthand what casting directors look for in an audition. 














So how did I start doing this? As with any good story, I started in a different place than where I ended. Shortly after moving to Los Angeles, one of my best friends had landed a big taped audition that was going to be sent directly to producers. She didn't trust herself to do it on her own, so she asked me for help. It had been a while since I picked up a camera from my film school days, but I told her I would help. From the moment we started shooting, something was clear; we were taking a potentially stressful audition and turning it into something creative and fun. We had a blast! While I was providing a valuable contribution in a great looking audition tape, the real thing I had to offer was directing an actor to his or her best performance. It was the perfect blend of my acting background, teaching, and technical skills. The more I thought about it (and the more friends who came to me), the more I realized I loved helping other actors! It was time for me to start my own business and help as many people as I could. If you'd like to know what I am up to as a director please visit