Only A Few Spots Remaining


On-Going - Meets every Thursday 12-3 pm

Atwater Village Theatre

Monthly Cost of $200

This class is designed for trained or working actors who want to keep their skills fresh. It's akin to a workout class. Each week Mark hand-selects sides for actors from shows that are currently casting. Each student will work during the class and receive feedback with the opportunity to incorporate the notes into their performance. Working actors are encouraged to bring in text for scheduled auditions to craft in class. Time permitting the class will dive into exploratory elements as Mark touches on various acting and character techniques week-to-week. Small class size.


Email mark@otmact.com to schedule audition.



Bridging the gap between

Actor and "Content Creator"

8-Week Course


- Discover and explore your voice as a storyteller

- Learn to break and write a half-hour pilot

- Learn to write a Show Pitch and Bible that works for you

- Learn the fundamentals of Network Fellowships and Episodic Screenplay Competitions

- Learn how to independently produce your own content without breaking the bank

- Learn the fundamentals of crowdfunding, independent content release, and GOING VIRAL

- Jumpstart your future as a content creator by building a sustainable practice


On-Going Class

Meets once per week
Monthly Cost of $200

Designed for adults with little to no acting training. We cover acting basics in a nurturing environment. Small class size.


8-Week Intensive

Meets once per week

Cost of $400

A fun and comprehensive acting class for children.  Small Class Size.