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 We can work with your institution's administration to provide a for credit course. Additionally, a certificate program is also available.


 With over a dozen course topics available and three different areas of focus (On-Camera, Audition Technique, Business Tools),  you are able to choose the right curriculum to meet your needs. 


 Actors who move to LA, still have OTM as a valuable resource on the their career path. Career starter coaching and more is available. 

To Prospective Students And Their Teachers:


On the last day of class, in my first semester as a film student, a professor had us read a letter from one of his well-known students (Robert Rodriquez). It was quick to the point: drop out of film school if you want to be a director. After I picked my jaw up off the floor, we discussed the reasoning in his letter. He believed that the money spent on film school would be better used for making movies. Furthermore, he thought sitting in a classroom watching The Godfather wasn't as important as trying (and failing) at that first feature. There is a lot to learn by doing in the "real" world. And while there is some truth there, this is not that letter. On the contrary, I believe...


Training gained in the university theatre setting is invaluable. 


Nowhere else will you be given the time and space to explore your process so fully. The opportunities to discover new modalities within your work, engage material on the deepest level, and collaborate with others creates artists. And art is WHY you wanted to get in this business in the first place. However, the business of acting for film and television moves at a faster pace and with an entirely different focus. On The Mark offers For Credit Courses and Certificate Workshops that supplement the collegiate theatre experience, building a bridge from graduation into the workplace of acting. Crossing that chasm is imperative. If you don't, the years spent training to be a good actor will more than likely be lost or wasted. I recognize that many of the hardships I (and countless others) faced after graduation could have been eased if I had the opportunity to better understand the professional challenges in front of me. With that in mind, I designed these workshops to demystify the career of acting. I am uniquely qualified to present these courses from a variety of perspectives. My time in casting, assisting the immensely talented Vicky Boone (Tree of Life, Hellion, Ain't Them Bodies Saints), solidified my understanding of what casting directors look for in an audition.  Additionally, during any given pilot season, I audition for and coach over 40 different scripts that are in development. I bring these scripts to you. Students will be reading the latest from Shonda and Schurr instead of Shakespeare. This level of unparalleled access to current casting material is invaluable. Finally, as a working actor and an on-set coach, I am able to impart some insight into delivering your best performance at the workplace.   


I look forward to hearing from you. And seeing you on screen ;)​





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