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Coaching is available for a number of different occasions, but is most commonly used for auditions, agent/manager showcases, and preparation for upcoming work. Whether you are looking for scene analysis, development of character, or the calming of nerves, we will help you deliver your best performance.


Let's craft a dynamite performance that showcases your talent and skills.


Whether you are an actor or director, I'm here to team up with you and craft memorable on screen performances. Contact me for a free consultation.


Record your audition utilizing our high quality studio lighting and sound, while receiving direction and coaching from Mark throughout your taping.


While many other studios offer coaching and taping, we are one of the few that gives direction as you go. This allows you to build on your performance, making each subsequent take better than the last.


Great looking and sounding tapes are our specialty. The tape is edited and sent to you by the end of the day. Rush jobs may require an additional fee.

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